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Nothing Ventured……

After well over twenty years of thinking about this new venture, I have finally overcome the ultimate procrastination. Last January, with the aid of John Duff, a talented branding and graphics buddy, we came up with the name. Over the course of the next few months we finalized a new design. Then began a search for a supplier, a manufacturing facility, as well as the patience to overcome the dozens of hurdles you encounter on a new business start-up! This is my story of the new Signature Lapboard. I cannot now, for the life of me, recollect where our original lapboard came from, but I have lived with it for as long as I can remember. With certainty, I can picture the original, sitting beside my Mother’s living room chair back in the 60’s. Having been in my possession, as these many decades have flown by, I can also confirm that the original board had many uses, and became a very handy accessory for every member of the family. While I was still working at Standard Broadcasting in Toronto at CKFM, I overcame the first deferral of my creativity, by asking one of my best friends, (the late) Ted Pocock, to make me twenty copies of the board, to...

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Terry O’Reilly  – Marketing Magic – September 27th Comments Off on Terry O’Reilly – Marketing Magic – September 27th

Terry O’Reilly – Marketing Magic – September 27th

My business world centres primarily on marketing. The creative work and service that I provide, emphasizes protecting and increasing client’s top of mind position when a customer has a need for their product or service. Persuasion is a skill and an artform. During this lengthy career, there are few people who have had more influence on my creativity than Terry O’Reilly. For those who don’t know Terry, he is widely considered to be the most talented and effective creative writer, director, and producer of Radio ads in Canada over the last thirty five years. To refer to Terry as a marketing guru would not be an exaggeration. After an incredibly active and successful career with his company, Pirate Radio, Terry now is best known for his very popular Radio show on the CBC: “Under The Influence”. The program explores the world of advertising and marketing in general, in a fun and irreverent way. With over a million listeners a week in Canada alone, Terry knows how to target consumers and listeners! A successful writer of books, Terry also has recently delivered a wonderful new effort called “This I Know – Marketing Lessons From Under The Influence”. Other than being a fan, and enamored with Terry’s work over the years,...

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Enough is Enough Comments Off on Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough. A Final Appeal: To: Premier-Elect Doug Ford To: Norm Miller MPP Parry Sound-Muskoka And… To: Ontario Citizens – (see contact info below for Premier Doug Ford and Norm Miller, MPP) In the District of Muskoka Lakes, we have had plenty enough of our Mayor. There will be shouts of “Good Riddance” this fall when he is finally ousted. This Mayor and several ‘Crone Councilors’ have repeatedly displayed their stripes to create havoc with development issues in Muskoka and most importantly, done everything possible to advance the work of a private developer towards a useless Power Plant in the village of Bala. Further, in the larger picture, the Provincial Liberals have completely ignored the cries for environmental help and safety towards construction of this monstrosity that has been planned for over a decade. The giant turbine of the power plant represents a horrible danger to the public, up and downstream of the site, and also to the Muskoka watershed. On June 21st, 2018, (which is in fact, ironically our summer solstice), a direct mail piece was delivered by the the proponent (the private developer) in Muskoka outlining that: “The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests currently operates the Bala North and South dam. After Bala’s power plant...

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Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary Comments Off on Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The following is a remarkable Newsletter from Howard Smith, the Managing Director of the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary here in Muskoka that we receive periodically. This one grabbed my heart and squeezed until I decided to do something about the aching it produced. Those of you who have followed my ‘stories’ know about our significant attempt to save a loon in distress. That peice is here if you’d like to reacquaint yourself with it. PLEASE, read Howard’s Newsletter below, which he yesterday agreed to let me share with those of you who are either not familiar with the great works of the Sanctuary or who have never donated to their efforts. We do, or would not ask the same of you. ****************** “Happy Holidays, friends of Aspen Valley! All too soon, another successful year of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation has come and gone! In 2017, we at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary were able to care for over six hundred and fifty wild animals in need. Looking back on the year, our hearts are warm with gratitude to YOU, for all of your generous support that makes our work possible on your behalf. The year began busily, with many injured and orphaned animal arrivals in the spring. Our three bear...

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Scavenging for Nautical Treasures Comments Off on Scavenging for Nautical Treasures

Scavenging for Nautical Treasures

There are several people in my life who enjoy confirming, that on occasion, I appear to have too much time on my hands. As expressions go, there is some truth in sarcasm. When it comes to grandchildren however, time takes a back seat: schedules altered, creative juices flow, and the desire to be, and feel like, a child again, can be overwhelming. This past summer during quiet moments alone, thinking about family, an idea was hatched that I knew would take some planning, props and tricky execution. I also knew the grand-kids would love it! We all know about scavenger hunts, but this nautical version took on a life of its own. The plan was to send my two daughters out in our little 12 foot boat (a ten on the back) with the three g-kids on a hunt for buried treasure. Buried that is, under water! Instructions were printed, placed in an envelope and off they went. Presenting itself, was one of the few perfect, sunny, 80 degree weekend days of the entire summer. Sunscreen galore! To be safe, my bride Pammy went with our two sons-in-law in another boat to keep an eye on everyone. A full family affair. I stayed behind to enjoy some peace and...

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