Walkers Point Marina



John Dunn - Principal - Walkers Point Marina - Muskoka

"I've worked closely with John on our Marketing for over 10 years now. Two key attributes working with Wright are Creativity and Execution. A rare combination. We've had many memorable campaigns over the years that clearly have had a positive impact on our business and bottom line. In the Marina business, our creative clearly stands out, and the momentum of our programs continues to energize each year. Like many retailers, we have to make quick decisions based on market conditions and John consistently executes, under the gun. No one duplicates the service we get from North45."


Greavette GM


Glenn Greavette - Owner - Dealer Principal -

The Greavette Group: Greavette GM, Subaru of Muskoka, Nissan of Muskoka

"I've worked with John for over twelve years now, and he has a proven track record with us. John's combination of persistence, attention to detail, and creativity is rare in the marketing business. John brings all of these together every month for our Automotive business. He is consistently aware of the programs our manufactures create, and brings a local flavour to our marketing that keep us in the forefront with customers and prospects. The expression "over delivers and under promises" comes to mind with North45 and Jw."


NorStar Exteriors


Kevin Browne, President, NorStar Exteriors, Muskoka

“Norstar has been doing business in Muskoka for over 40 years, and we are strong believers in taking our products to market in an aggressive manner. A large part of being successful is finding those companies and people in media to partner with in growth. We believe that John has helped tremendously in the last 8 years through his attention to detail and creative ability. Unlike some of the 'order takers' that are common place in media these days, John makes sure that our messages are fresh, and that people listen when a Norstar ad is playing. We’re looking forward to working with North45 in the future and would recommend John to anyone.”


Home Hardware


Robert Clark - Bracebridge Home Hardware

"Consistent, creative, and did I say, Creative? John has written and literally produced over 200 Radio ads for our Muskoka Home Hardware business. Through thick and thin, John proactively comes up with crazy ideas that cut through the clutter and on many occasions, has people 'talking' about our ads. A great supporter of our business, John is ALWAYS there when you need him. With North45, John consistently looks for the small details that retailers miss, or don't have time for. John has the ability to make a reasonably small media investment deliver large results. Simple as that. With John, loyalty does not have a price."


Sony of Canada


Tom McGhee -- Ontario Sales Manager -- Sony of Canada

"When i was the Ontario Sales Manager for Sony Canada, I worked very closely with John for several years on vendor and co-op Radio programs in Toronto that were very successful. John always had a knack for making the partnership between Sony and our local retail stores both fair and effective. We increased Sales with many measurable programs along with memorable promotional campaigns where SONY was the key partner.

John's creativity and business acumen were always reliable. The Independent Retailers trusted John to ensure their dollars were well invested, but he also knew how important SONY was to drive the programs. Tough to manage this type of co-operative marriage. John added real value for both Sony and the dealers by developing cost effective creative advertising solutions that delivered the message with measurable results.

I always knew where I stood with Wright. Trust in a handshake was one of his best calling cards."



Home Hardware


John's approach is professional and considerate of our ad budget. He makes sure we get the biggest bang for our buck, and offers thoughts on complete marketing strategy, not just radio. John mentors our ad writing with emphasis on message not just sound. The fun part is voicing and producing our Radio commercials in the North45 sound studio, overlooking the lake. John is more than a marketing agency; he is a great family man, active community supporter and all around good guy. If you are looking to improve your brand, grow your sales or traffic, call John.

Vitamin Water


vitaminwater facings


Laura Cutsey | Director of Marketing

Dasani, glacéau vitaminwater + smartwater


“In the 2008 and 2009 seasons, back to back, North45 created and managed one of the most innovative sampling programs we have ever done to reach our consumers in Ontario. John and his team created the vitaminwater “On The Water” sampling/activation program in the form of a 22 foot Mastercraft powerboat that delivered ice cold vitaminwater dockside to thirsty consumers throughout the three Muskoka lakes. This program allowed us to reach the right consumer at the right time, and created a memorable interaction with our key demographic. The program was turn-key for us and all the 'executional' details were taken care of by North 45.”



Rosseau Lake College



Joseph Seagram, Headmaster, King's-Edgehill School

Windsor, Nova Scotia

"Ever had an idea that you thought was good and then met someone who had the ability to make it great, even better than you had hoped? John Wright is that person for me. We worked with North 45 when I was Headmaster of Rosseau Lake College in Muskoka and start to finish, from the first stages of creation to the finishing touches in execution, John's experience and expertise brought our marketing plan to life. I loved the buzz it created and the results made the investment of time and money completely worthwhile."