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Recently I received a complimentary communication from an old friend.  The gist of it centred on life style and how Muskoka traditions and balance in our lives has had a positive impact on our children and now, our grandchildren. Like many other aspects of life, I am opinionated about traditions. While it is now late fall, memories of this past summer still loudly resonate.  Many of our friends are now experiencing the joys of an expanding family tree, so it is no surprise to my bride of 39 years and me that our three grandchildren now take a form of main stage in most proceedings at the cottage. With two amazing daughters, (yes – and two great sons-in-law), summer 2016 presented us with a magical brood aged 6, 5 and 4.  This was my first summer where all three kids could ‘do stuff’ with Grandad – and we did! Editors note: Now, before I get too deep into this, ‘Gran’ for the most part, is by far the favourite. No surprise.  Selfless, caring, understanding and patient beyond words, Gran is the centre of the universe. In the morning, I am the early riser, 100% of the time.  When the youngsters appear, it’s “Morning Grandad, where’s Gran?”  Too funny.  Leave...

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