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Membership Has Its Rewards

The question is: how do we keep fresh, and top of mind, an idea, a concept, a request for action, that many people have tired of, and feel helpless about? I receive all kinds of comments and questions about the efforts that continue to be made on behalf of Saving the Bala Falls. “I thought it was a done deal”. “Not much we can do now is there?” “Tell me Johnny, what’s going on with the Bala Falls?” Think about it: The original proposal to construct a power plant in Muskoka’s hamlet of Bala, dates back to 2005.  With all of the technical issues, the politics, the divisiveness the proposal has caused, it is no wonder that some people wish the controversy would just end. This note today could ramble on and cover forty issues, doing my best, to convince you of the wrongs being committed here in Bala.  For many of you, this would just be a continuation of the complex process, and you might consider stopping your read here.   I won’t, so please don’t. Would it be fair to say that as Canadians, we are not the most activist bunch in the world today?  By FAR, this is the most difficult and multifaceted issue that my...

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