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The Essential Service

I’m a bit of a customer service freak.  Often to the detriment of my bottom line, the extra distance is travelled for clients and often for friends.  It’s Jw DNA, ultimately wanting to help others succeed and improve. Who doesn’t appreciate a resourceful referral? Since early days as an Account Executive in Toronto at Standard’s CKFM, (“The Sound of our Toronto”), my mantra was to be known for creativity, resourcefulness, and, customer service. Recently whilst travelling (out of Muskoka), I called a popular little restaurant that does a nice job of serving pizza, wings, burgers and the like, to order take out.  We did not have time to sit down, order, sit and eat.  We wanted to order on the phone, pick up a couple of burgers on the fly, and SAVE TIME doing so. The person on the other end of the phone was short with me saying: “It’s pizza and wing night here tonight, we can’t do burgers for take out.”  Somewhat understandably, I was flabbergasted.  In fact, for a moment I was literally speechless, which is a rarity for moi. I finally said: “I’ll have to call you back”, because I did not know what else to say, that was pleasant.  He replied: “You do that!”...

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Tonight in Port Carling Comments Off on Tonight in Port Carling

Tonight in Port Carling

Feeling a little sedentary these days?  Not enough golf or swimming this summer?  Well, we can help. Why not get engaged with the dozens of walking & hiking Trails that meander creatively  around Muskoka?  Many people in our sphere of life have heard of the Hardy Lake and Torrance Barrens Trails, but what about the Hazelwood Trail in Port Carling, the Huckleberry Trail at Beaumaris or even Stubbs Falls Trail near Huntsville?  Pictured here above is part of a best kept secret: the newly created Walkers Point Community Trail, which starts and ends at the Community Centre there. Having done a little research with compatriot Muskoka Lakes Trails committee members, my bride Pam and I have discovered a plethora of walking trail opportunities in Muskoka.  Trails that offer amazing vistas, group of seven scenery and, wait for it, a way to get out, and jolt the heart rate into 2nd gear. So if you are interested in learning more about this activity and are keen about photography, wildlife and birding, there is an event in Port Carling TONIGHT at the Community Centre that will be of interest. Tonight, Tuesday Sept 22nd at 7pm #‎MuskokaTrails and ‪#‎MuskokaFieldNaturalists have partnered to host a talk by two of Canada’s top nature cinematographers:  John and Janet...

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Thank you Anthony Wood Comments Off on Thank you Anthony Wood

Thank you Anthony Wood

Recently, I wrote that the PVR was one of life’s greatest inventions.  In terms of its ability to alter our daily / weekly schedules, save time, and time shift, I continue to hold this belief to be true. From a marketing perspective, the PVR is a nightmare for advertisers who’s media planning and execution revolve around 30 second creative on ‘the tube’.  As an early adopter, I am embarrassed to point out that, in our little slice of Bala, we have five PVRs at our disposal.  We bought a couple, and then a lovely deal allowed us to ‘rent to own’ three more when we renovated. Our programming needs and wants are a team effort: a typical assortment of news, shows and sports.  Friends know me to be fanatical about PVRs.  If you don’t have one, sorry, I truly believe you are missing a boat of some consequence.  See above.  If your cel phone rings and you miss that all important love scene, or the dog barks, or someone knocks at your door…. you just ‘pause’ the action, and then rewind and re-play.  Wonderful.  Missed that playoff putt to win?  Want to see that touchdown pass again?  Missed that puck hitting the crossbar or back of the net?  Yup...

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A New View from North45 Comments Off on A New View from North45

A New View from North45

Greetings and salutations.  As some wizened philosopher once said, if you are going to talk the talk, you’d better walk the walk.  So here we go, doing a little walking on the tech side of communication. Very pleased and excited today to present this first blog:  “The Wright Report”.  You will recall receiving ‘group emails’ from me over the years that were addressed to ‘friends, clients and associates’.  This replaces that, and takes a step beyond the basics of a group email. Key to the process is for you to please confirm your email when asked, so that you will continue to receive “The Wright Report”.  As with any blog, you will have the opportunity to ‘unsubscribe’, but I will strive to be of interest and topical and write once a week. Dare I say that the proof will be in the pudding! I enjoy writing as many of you know, and this medium presents an opportunity to inform, possibly persuade, and to express some creativity.  So that you know what is being presented, we have segmented the blog into three parts, which will show themselves in the title: ‘Business & Marketing’:  Ideas will be offered, and or, ideas and concepts from others, who’s point of view will hopefully...

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A Bits and Bytes Addiction Comments Off on A Bits and Bytes Addiction

A Bits and Bytes Addiction

Like many, I have become addicted to technology.  Fact is, this happened twenty five years ago, but the realization of it becomes more and more evident by the week. As children and grandchildren visit our Muskoka cottage, we all line up our mobile devices on the top of a cupboard where ‘mass charging’ takes place.  Laptops are in abundance, iPads, and an assortment of electronic gadgets that keep the wee ones entertained when necessary are splayed about.  (We do our utmost to promote cottage activities with the g-kids, but there ARE times when adults require a respite).  So it has become cliché now to see an entire family viewing emails / texts / and browsing on their phones at the same time.  Owch! Back to my addiction.   I work on my laptop a LOT.  It ‘houses’ my business life, and so much content it boggles the mind.  It bothers me on occasion, that when the family visits, I am often perched in my office chair peering into my screen working away.  Life at North45 requires my being online a lot, but that is another story. Many years ago I purchased an iPad for my bride and for the most part, I use it more than she.  We ALL use...

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A Message for Radio Announcers Comments Off on A Message for Radio Announcers

A Message for Radio Announcers

For the most part, being a lifelong Radio guy, you get pretty close to the trees, and sometimes the forest disappears.  This might be one of those samples, but darn it all, I care about the way our children, and grandchildren are growing up! Back up, back up Johnny, “What are ya gettin at?  Just talkin, tellin a story.  Thanks for hangin with me today, and payin attention!” Have you ever heard sentence structured like this on Radio?  Do you even notice anymore?  I hope you do.  Let me say, it’s tantamount to a Radio announcer with a megaphone pointed right at me, when they speak like this. Drives me to distraction. It’s just SLANG to me to drop the G.  The use of this kind of diatribe is intended to be all fuzzy and warm, feeling like, part of the family.  Let snuggle up, “cause it’s happenin”! It sounds awful.  I hate it, and I don’t hate much.  Most importantly, I think it sends the wrong message to our children growing up, who listen to Radio.  God only knows how many youngsters listen to Radio anymore with digital this and that everywhere displayed in front of them.  I do suspect, many mornings over breakfast, and afternoons in the...

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