Tonight in Port Carling

Tonight in Port Carling

Tonight in Port Carling

Feeling a little sedentary these days?  Not enough golf or swimming this summer?  Well, we can help. Why not get engaged with the dozens of walking & hiking Trails that meander creatively  around Muskoka?  Many people in our sphere of life have heard of the Hardy Lake and Torrance Barrens Trails, but what about the Hazelwood Trail in Port Carling, the Huckleberry Trail at Beaumaris or even Stubbs Falls Trail near Huntsville?  Pictured here above is part of a best kept secret: the newly created Walkers Point Community Trail, which starts and ends at the Community Centre there.

Having done a little research with compatriot Muskoka Lakes Trails committee members, my bride Pam and I have discovered a plethora of walking trail opportunities in Muskoka.  Trails that offer amazing vistas, group of seven scenery and, wait for it, a way to get out, and jolt the heart rate into 2nd gear.

So if you are interested in learning more about this activity and are keen about photography, wildlife and birding, there is an event in Port Carling TONIGHT at the Community Centre that will be of interest.

Tonight, Tuesday Sept 22nd at 7pm #‎MuskokaTrails and ‪#‎MuskokaFieldNaturalists have partnered to host a talk by two of Canada’s top nature cinematographers:  John and Janet Foster.  Those of you with memories better than mine, will know these folks from shows they did on CBC television from the 1960s through the 1980s.  John Foster got his start on television as host of the long running program ‘This Land of Ours’, in the 1960s.  He teamed up with Janet in the 1970s on ‘The Wild Country’, narrated by Lorne Greene, which featured their photos from trips across Canada; this program averaged 2.5 million viewers!  That show was followed up by the series ‘Wild Canada’, which tracked their work from Nunavut to the Queen Charlottes to the Bay of Fundy.

Janet and John continue travelling and recording Canada’s wilderness on film and video today.

This presentaJohn&Janet-Blogtion in Port Carling, “Stories from the Wild” will feature photos and video of the wildlife around their farm in Madoc, Ontario.

Seems to me that, while not a lot of notice, this will be a worthwhile and entertaining way to get out and enjoy a Tuesday evening, and hear more about the Trails around Muskoka. If you cannot join us…find yourself a trail soon….and enjoy!

Admission is by donation.  Hope to see you there!