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My Moose

We have lived in Muskoka for eleven years now.  As many folks know, I worked for the Haliburton Broadcasting Group which owns all the Moose FM Radio Stations.  The Moose itself, it quite iconic in Muskoka and generally in the north.  Oddly enough, I have never actually seen a Moose up close and personal.  Most folks in this district have, but not…me. So recently, as this winter was winding down, I decided to take the canvas door cover off our boathouse entrance, to open things up a bit, all the while dreaming of getting the boat back in the water.  Extracting this canvas tarp is tricky.  Picture me hanging off the back of our 22 foot Chris Craft, sitting on the swim platform dangling about five feet off the ice with a drill in my hand, carefully removing the strapping (support pieces) that holds the canvas in place. My cel phone rings.  I pretty well always have it with me, in case of accident or generally accessibility.  It is my darling wife.  “Where are you?” tone rather excited.  “I’m hanging off the back of the boat”, I replied.  She blasts in to my ear: “There’s a Moose right beside the cottage!  It’s heading to the parking lot!  Where’s the...

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