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A Message for Radio Announcers Comments Off on A Message for Radio Announcers

A Message for Radio Announcers

For the most part, being a lifelong Radio guy, you get pretty close to the trees, and sometimes the forest disappears.  This might be one of those samples, but darn it all, I care about the way our children, and grandchildren are growing up! Back up, back up Johnny, “What are ya gettin at?  Just talkin, tellin a story.  Thanks for hangin with me today, and payin attention!” Have you ever heard sentence structured like this on Radio?  Do you even notice anymore?  I hope you do.  Let me say, it’s tantamount to a Radio announcer with a megaphone pointed right at me, when they speak like this. Drives me to distraction. It’s just SLANG to me to drop the G.  The use of this kind of diatribe is intended to be all fuzzy and warm, feeling like, part of the family.  Let snuggle up, “cause it’s happenin”! It sounds awful.  I hate it, and I don’t hate much.  Most importantly, I think it sends the wrong message to our children growing up, who listen to Radio.  God only knows how many youngsters listen to Radio anymore with digital this and that everywhere displayed in front of them.  I do suspect, many mornings over breakfast, and afternoons in the...

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