Not A Done Deal

Not A Done Deal

Bala Power Plant – Not a Done Deal!

 Our Feds – Transport Canada, must provide approval under the Navigation Protection Act before any in-water work can commence.  We’ve asked Minister Tony Clemet to include public consultation in this matter.  Why would they not??  We have many concerns about SAFETY.


Did you know that the proposed generating station would be remotely- and automatically-controlled?  Video cameras would only be as good as the lighting and weather conditions – and the remote operator’s attentiveness – permit.  NOT good enough for safeguarding life given how many people will be both up, and down-stream of this location, day and night, and in all seasons of the year. Based on the weather, there may not be any way for those nearby to know if the water is safe.

Our Concern – HELLO !!!

During the summer months, the variable and treacherously turbulent water would occur often enough that it would always be a “clear and present danger”

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