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Very few clients or prospective customers realize what is involved in today’s world of flying a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS / or Drone) for HD video and photo shoots. Please have a quick read of the bullet points below, so that when we talk, you’ll be aware of the law: the rules and regulations that we are bound to with Transport Canada:

  • Our business // We capture high definition photos and create/edit HD video for customers who want incredible images of their cottages, homes or business. In special cases, we can shoot sporting activities such as wakeboarding, skiing, boating, or kite flying. We also legally license music tracks to accent video, where applicable. Flying a Drone for any business or promotional use requires special certification with Transport Canada. It is the LAW. New regulations came into effect June 1st, 2019
  • Certified and Insured // North45 Communications Inc. (MuskokaDrone) is certified by Transport Canada to fly for business and promotional purposes. We were the first company in Ontario to receive a ‘Standing Complex Restricted SFOC’ designation in 2015. Now we have a valid drone pilot certificate and our drone is ‘registered’ with Transport Canada. North45 is insured for liability except for shoots which require ‘actors’, where liability is waived in writing.
  • Proximity by law // there are many ‘conditions’ to fly. We are only allowed to fly to within a certain proximity (100 feet) of people, cars, boats, buildings, etc. except where liability is waved by clients and participants. We offer legal ‘sign off’ documents in these cases. We can be fined for breaking this law.
  • Equipment // you will be surprised to learn that we include a transceiver, to monitor air traffic. We carry a medical kit, a fire extinguisher, several specialized batteries, a tripod for gopro if needed, camera monitor, and a host of specialized items to do our work. It’s FUN, but it’s very involved, and is a serious business.
  • Experience // our team is certified and insured to do the work we do. We have many hours of training, and client flight time with the DJI Phantom that we fly. In addition, we previously completed and received our ‘Private Pilot License Ground School’ Certificates.
  • In short, we know our parameters, what is safe and what is involved to generate a great and affordable visual experience for you, your family, or your business.
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